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Our Terms and Conditions : - For Tutors

   A Tutor that he/she is, at least, eighteen years of age .

  Profile Registration Charges : Free (Always will be Free)

  Profile Deletion Charges – Rs.100

  A Tutor agrees and understands that he/she is not an employee of Excellence Home Tutors Consultants and accepts full responsibility for all Income Tax and other amounts payable in relation to any fees generated from a tuition contract with Student or Parent through the Site.

  A Tutor will not include personal email, contact numbers etc. in the form fields like Tutoring Experience, Tutoring approach, other topics. Adding contact details except in specific fields is not acceptable under any condition. If Tutor violates this condition, Excellence Home Tutors may in its discretion suspend or terminate account of such Tutor

  Tutors are bound to show proof or disclose their qualification details to the reasonable satisfaction of the student or parent party before entering into a tuition engagement and also if and as requested by them, later.

  Commission applied for all new tuitions provided by us or referred by any of our clients)

  First 2 Month: 50% of one month's fee (for average no. of classes finalized with clients subjected to minimum of 4 classes)

  Subsequent Months: -Nil-

  Problems To Collect Payments From Your Students?

  Get paid in full and on time for your service with our new

Secure Payment service.

  1st St You Will Get – 50 % Of Your Fees

  2nd Month You Will Get – 50 % Of Your Fees

  3rd Month You have to pay Us Only 5 % to Use Our Online Payment System . Guardian will pay us we will pay you securely .

  Short term packages (crash courses, college level etc.): 30 %-40 %of total amount received by any tutor in less than 2 months.

  Candidates have to submit photocopy of following Documents to our office in whatsapp or Email . or upload your documents in your profile in our website .

Documents Checklist : -

a).1 coloured passport size photograph.

b). Photo Identification proof (Voter ID / Passport / Driving Licence / Aadhar Card)

c). Present/permanent address proof

d). Last obtained educational qualification

  First 2 month’s fees will be collected from the clients by Excellence Home Tutors Consultants only in Advance and after completion of the month teacher will get 50 % for 1st month and 2nd month . 3rd month onwards guardian will directly pay to you or you can safely collect your payment through our site , we will only charge 5 % for online transaction charge.

   All tuitions posted in our site are verified to the best of our knowledge. If the student or parent does not disclose any information beforehand, Excellence Home Tutors will not be responsible for the same.

  A Tutor will accept full responsibility for the hourly rates or prices quoted by them for their services and presented in the exact detail on the Site.

  We encourage all tutors to accept online payment from students using the Site Secure Payment collection system in our site . This system is secure as money will be safe in our account before you can start tutoring.

  Money will be added to your account after successful completion of the tuition sessions , following full satisfaction of the student and his/her parent/s.

  Student can always cancel any booking, but only after the first session. It is the Tutor's responsibility to impress and convince the student party with his/her teaching abilities and methods.

  Tutors should not start any tutoring session unless the student agrees to it and funds the session fees through the Excellence Home Tutors Secure Payment System

  In case of cancellation only after the first session, tutors will not get any payment even if the sessions have been funded beforehand by the students.

  Excellence Home Tutors Consultants will not be responsible for making any kind of payment to tutors if the students or parents have not funded the tuition sessions in advance.

  Both Student and tutors can ask to verify each other’s addresses and residential details before making any direct payments between themselves. Excellence Home Tutors Consultants will not take any responsibility for any sort of direct payments between the two parties.

   If any client calls a tutor after a gap of few days/weeks/months of the trial class then it’s the duty of the tutor also to update us about that.

   When we provide any tuition to any tutor then you must please contact the client immediately and inform us about the developments as early as possible.

  Teachers (tutors) are requested not to indulge in any activity other than tutoring such as taking money for admission in any college/ school/ institutions or any fraud proposal.

  In case of any fraud by teachers (tutors) with any client or with Excellence Home Tutors Consultants then we are free to take legal action against him/her.

   Tutors are requested to please update us immediately about their present address and phone/mobile number if changed and are requested to provide your ID proof to clients if demanded by them.

   Excellence Home Tutors Consultants reserves the right to modify / add / delete any condition at any time.


Our Terms and Condition : -(Parents / Guardian / Students)

   We neither charge any registration fee nor any service charges from our clients or students. It's Completely Free for Students / Clients / Parents .

  If any teacher calls you for a trial with our reference, you are requested to check the credentials of that tutor from us.

  As per rules of agreement with our tutors 1st month and 2nd month fees will be collected by us (Excellence Home Tutors). Parents are advised to pay first month and 2nd Month fees in advance to Excellence Home Tutors by using Online Payment , Internet banking or Directly Deposit in Our Bank Account in All over India . Only In Kolkata , Howrah and Hooghly our executive will visit to you on your demand . If you do not follow our instructions then we will not be responsible for any inconvenience.

  Please do not try to settle with teachers directly because this type of teacher would never be loyal to you and all these things gives a negative impact on you and on your child too. According to a survey in 99 % of fraud or cheating cases teachers were settled directly and clients have to suffer, we don't take any responsibility in that cases. (Good Teachers are Costly but Bad Teachers Costs More & More)

  If parents want to check ID proof, address proof or educational qualification then feel free to demand this from our Tutors .

   A student or parent undertakes to register for the Excellence Home Tutors , always using accurate and current information about himself/herself - including name, Email-id , mobile number etc.

  Students must pay a tutor through Excellence Secure Payment Section Only , to avoid any kind of misunderstanding and other issues with tutors in the latter stages. Payments with Excellence Home Tutors are safe and will not be released to the tutor without your permission.

  Students need to book a minimum of 4 (Four) sessions and any booking can be cancelled after the first session only. No cancellation will be accepted the 2 nd session onwards and full payment will be released to the tutor after the successful completion of all sessions, to the satisfaction of the student and his/her parent/s.

  Excellence Home Tutors does not support or encourage any direct payment to any tutor as that could lead to a potential fraud and we do not take any responsibility for such payments or tutors.

  Both student and tutor can ask to verify each other's addresses and residential details before making any direct payments between themselves.

  Students or parents should understand that tutors are not our employees and we cannot take responsibility for verifying their backgrounds and behaviors. Excellence Home Tutors is just an online marketplace where tutors and institutes can advertise their services.

  No Tutor can guarantee good Marks ; therefore, Marks you get cannot be a reason for student to come back at a later time and demand refund for services.

  Student/parent should use caution, good judgment and proper language when leaving a Review for a Tutor. What you post will be a permanent part of that tutor's record. Please restrict your review to a Tutor's teaching-related skills (communication skills, knowledge, patience, clarity etc.)

  Students should take enough care and make an intuitive decision before taking up an assignment to avoid any kind of repercussions. Excellence Home Tutors would not be responsible and liable for any such unforeseen and unfortunate event including but not limited to bodily injury, sexual or mental harassment of any nature, if any .

  After taking trial if you call our tutor after some gap of few days/week/month then it is your duty to inform us and do according to our instruction otherwise we will not be responsible for any inconvenience.

  Once you hire a tutor from Excellence Home Tutors India , Excellence Home Tutors India will email you an attendance sheet and you have to have the tutor make daily in and out time with date on the sheet in you presence. We will collect the sheet from you via email if there is any kind of problem regarding the services given to you. This is to ensure that you are receiving the best and complete services and paying for the services you received.

   We give our full effort to provide you a best tutor without any fee/charge, please be loyal to us, Thank You.

  Always Co-Operate us for Immediate , Best and Reliable Service .

Our Terms and Conditions : - Institutes / Local Coaching Classes

  1. For Institutes and Local Coaching Classes we have some other terms and conditions , first you have to register for free

  2. You will not contact any tutor directly in free registration

  3. We have some different pricing policy in Institutes and Coaching Centre .

  4. For Institutes and coaching centre after registration you have buy a membership package then you should contact our tutor .

  5. You can collect you fees through us , we will only charge 6 % for online transaction charges .

  6. Tutorial center accepts full responsibility for all information published by itself on the Site and shall indemnify Excellence Home Tutors Consultants in relation to any liability incurred by itself as a result of any such information.

  7. Any registered tutor, center or guest user can create own relevant Courses and Classes". Students can view your contact details after booking. For any delay and cancellation of any Course and Class, the respective tutor / trainer / center would be solely responsible. Refunds of booking fee will be given only at the sole discretion of the Excellence Home Tutors Management.

  8. A a tutorial center / Instuitutes / Coaching Classes will not include personal email ID, contact numbers etc. in the form fields like Tutoring Experience, Tutoring approach, other topics. Adding contact details except in specific fields is not acceptable under any condition and this kind of recurring attempt may result in the suspension of that profile.

  9. Excellence Home Tutor Consultants is not involved in any kind of interactions that takes place between a tutorial center and students, and hence is not liable for any dispute or disagreement or misinterpretations or arguments arising between the parents / students and the tutorial center. The parents / students and the tutorial center are however free to take feedback and suggestions from us to solve the issue immediaately.

  10. Excellence Home Tutor Consultants not allow any tutor bureau to register in our website, . No Individual tutor or tutor bureau is allowed to offer such services through our website. If such an act or attempt is found out, that particular membership will be deleted immediately without any refund.